FMP theme and initial ideas 29/03/17


Yesterday we were given the theme for FMP. The theme we have been given is “changed,” this means we will have to make our short films about or something that has changed. This is an image of our class coming up with some ideas that are related to change or involve it. My suggestions were exceptions or mental health. I feel that these will be quite interesting to work with as they are quite broad and there is alot of room to do stuff with.

I have an initial idea, this being a music video. The songs I was thinking were either songs by Frank Ocean or by Kendrick Lamar. I feel that Frank Ocean would be good to do a music video for as his music is quite stripped down in the album blond with very minimal beats and mainly his voice. This would be good as it will enable to have the video not be taken over by the music for it being too distracting.

Image result for frank ocean blondeImage result for frank ocean blonde

Kendrick Lamar would also be a good choice to use as his songs are quite visual anyway just from the lyrics. This would help with filming the music video as I would have help with what to shoot. His “To pimp a butterfly,” is also quite unusual sounding, as it doesn’t sound a “normal,” rap/hip-hop album would. However Kendrick is quite overpowering in most of his songs and my take over from the visual and distract rather than enhance depending what I have in the video.

Image result for kendrick lamar

Image result for to pimp a butterfly

I will be looking at music videos and getting inspiration, I will also be looking over these two albums careful as to see what songs I may want to have for the video. I will most likely get it down to five songs from both albums and work my way from there. However I may change my idea and go with actual short film but I feel that choosing a music video will help me as I can focus mainly on the visuals rather than sound and audio as this is my strongest aspect so far on the course.

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