Songs I had in mind, music video idea – 30/03/17


Image result for blonde frank ocean

The songs from this album I like are: Ivy, Nikes, Chanel, Nights, self control and skyline to. Out of these ones I will mostly likely chose either Chanel or Nikes. This is because of how I like them flow.

For Nikes I like how Frank Ocean’s voice changes half thourgh the song, I feel that this would be quite good to experiment with due to the fact when it changes I could have the video in a different location, however the problem with this is that already has a video so I don’t want take too much influence from that video if I was going to do the song nikes.

For the song Chanel I like the beats behind his voice and how he is very calm and relaxed when singing. I also like the chorus containing the lyrics “I see both side like Chanel,” this is because I could have some cool editing effects where it is split a person into two like this image here from the video nikes.

Image result for nikes frank ocean music video

For Kendrick Lamar I have chosen four songs from To pimp a butterfly: The blacker the berry, hood politics, momma, for sale? interlude.

Image result for to pimp a butterfly

I like these songs due to their unusual sounds and the effect that the whole album doesn’t sound like a normal hip-hop album or have the lyrics like one. I feel that this would be quite good to experiment with due to the fact that I could use some of the lyrics to create images in the video. This would enhance both the music and the overall product of the short film.

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