31/03/17 – Research into music video inspiration, initial ideas and the film look

Today I have done a number of things towards my FMP, one of them being making context for my short film. I made a mind map consisting of some initial ideas I had for the project. This will help me to have context for the project and also a base line which I could push off and improve my ideas.

image for wordpress

I also watched a 30 minute video explaining some techniques and advice for how to get a film look cheaply. Talking about framing and camera settings, while also saying you could easily shoot outside just making sure you are correct place for the sun and also the correct time in the day. This will help me with making my short film a lot more professional and not looking so amateur.

Finally I looked at music videos that will give good inspiration for my music video. I also talked about what I liked about each video. This will help me with thinking about what shots I should have in my short film. With also with what song I should use.

Overall I feel that today was a good day for research as I researched about other music video that I like, and what camera techniques to use to make my short film look better improving the music video/short film.

In reflection I feel that I should keep making posts about what things I will be looking at. Making sure to have them for all sections of the FMP, for example having some tutorials of editing techniques for post production. And having a post taking a time out to look at videos that help with production and the filming side of the FMP.

The blog posts I am talking about:




Harvard referencing:

DoBeDo Productions. (2016). Frank Ocean – ‘Nikes’. [Online Video]. 31 October 2016. Available from: https://vimeo.com/179791907. [Accessed: 31 April 2017].

Earl Sweatshirt VEVO. (2012). Earl Sweatshirt – Chum (Explicit). [Online Video]. 4 December 2012. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCbWLSZrZfw. [Accessed: 1 May 2017].


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