How to get the filmlook – research into framing and camera techniques.

I recently watched this video which helped with getting your film to look more professional less amature. The video gave lots of tips on how to make your film more professional with the use of lighting and framing. In the video he also talked about sound and how you should also pay close attention to that as you don’t it to be a distraction from your short film.

Clothing will also be a big thing in a short film, having being interesting and not boring. I will have to think and tell my actors what to wear to make the short film look more professional. For lighting I will have to experiment with using magic hour and other types of shots when shooting outside. Making sure to have backlighting with the sun behind the actor.

For the camera settings I will have to look at this video a few times so that I can familiarize myself with the settings so I feel comfort on my own when filming on set. I will always have to make sure that I never have high contrasts between the white and blacks, either making too blinding or too dark. With framing I will have remember to use rule of thirds, centre framing and making sure that my actors have enough head space in the frame. With space for them having to look in the frame.

I will watch this video again before doing storyboards and filming. To make sure I know this whole video inside and out. So I make the best short film I can with the most cinematic look. Making feel professional on a very cheap budget and only with a handful of equipment.

Harvard referencing:

D4Darious. (2017). MASTER the Film Look on a Budget! – the Ultimate Edition. [Online Video]. 30 March 2017. Available from: [Accessed: 1 May 2017].



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