Music video inspirations

In this blog post I will be talking about the music videos that influenced in me in wanting to make a music video. These videos I will also be looking at to what I could be doing in my video.

Kendrick Lamar – Humble

Kendrick Lamar’s humble I find to be a really creative music video using lots of creative editing effects. My favourite was when Kendrick was at a dinner table like at the last supper. I found this to really clever part of production design to make it seem like Kendrick is like Jesus but also with the camera shaky but still focusing on Kendrick Lamar I thought was really creative and had a really cool effect. I might see how you would pull off this effect and see if I could recreate it.

Image result for kendrick lamar humble dinner tableI also liked the shot of him wearing a white suit with everyone around him wearing black. I thought this was a really simple way of making Kendrick Lamar stand out from the crowd. I might want to recreate this with my short film. Another shot I liked a lot is when Kendrick Lamar’s head is on fire and everyone around is the same. I thought this was really quite striking imagery. I probably won’t be able to recreate this but I like how out there it is and how the shot is framed with Kendrick centred in the middle of the frame and while also having symmetry of the people either side.

Image result for kendrick lamar humble dinner table

For my short film I will have to do research into costumes to make the short film just how I want it and also having the short film look realistic and also visually pleasing. For example in the image below I feel that it would be worst if Kendrick Lamar wasn’t wearing white and everyone else wasn’t wearing black. However because they have done that it makes Kendrick really stand out against everyone else. I also really like the framing and the depth of this shot. With some people standing on top of the cargo box. Depth is going to be something I will have to have in my music video so that the image “pops,” out more and also more interesting to the eye.

Image result for kendrick lamar humble dinner table

Something however I may be able to recreate is that of the very wide fish angle lens shot when Kendrick is on the bike. I thought this was a really cool shot and hopefully if I find a way to cheaply copy hopefully I will. I most likely not use it in the same way though. Instead having it just close up to the person face and then switching to that person’s pov.

For lighting I really like the opening shot of the one light shining on Kendrick Lamar. I feel that this is a really cool way and slightly creepy way to start the song, with the rest of the room. This is something that I could copy in the TV studio with the lighting attached to the ceiling.

Image result for kendrick lamar humble pope

Overall I really like the production design, costume design and also the shots and editing in this music video. However most of this was due to the team having high budgets so I might have to look into how I could copy this at a cheap price and also quickly and efficiently. So I may not look at this video too much when coming up with ideas for the short film.

Frank Ocean – Nikes

Another music video that is giving me alot of inspiration for the my final major project is the nikes music video by Frank ocean. The main aspect I like about this music video is the mise en scene and how it has very striking visuals, enough containing metaphors within the shot. One of the shots I really like is when Frank Ocean is up against the back of a car.

Image result for frank ocean nikes music video

This is because of the fact that I really like the use of make up, adding a layer of depth to the shot and to the mise en scene. I also like the visual metaphor due to the fact that Frank Ocean is bisexual this is way of expressing his feminine through a visual medium. I also like how he is actually doing something in the shot, drinking the cup, this is good because it adds to the shot making more visually interesting and having more to look at. Finally I really like the background of this shot, having the red car contrast with Frank Ocean’s very muted clothes I feel is a really good fit and goes well for the shot. I also like the tree in the background you can just see.

Image result for frank ocean nikes music video

As you can see Frank Ocean and his team have put so much time and enough into one shot that doesn’t even last 15 seconds. This is the level of detail I will need to put into my work and every shot for my project. This means that each shot will be visually interesting and also keep the audience engaged, but for this I will need consider in great detail each aspect of the mise en scene. By doing this I hope I will be able to get a high grade for this year.

frank ocean editing effect

Another cool really shot that I would like to recreate in my short film is that of effect around the person dressed as a angel. I will have to find out how to recreate this sort of effect but my feeling is that I will have to go into after effects and go into every frame of the shot to make that effect. I want to have this shot in my short film as I feel it looks really good and makes the image really striking. However I will probably have to leave a lot of time in order to do this effect properly.

In this music video they do it number of times but in different ways. For example when Frank Ocean puts on a mask on it also has this same sort of effect but just as a outline. This shows me that I can do it number of ways without it becoming repetitive within the video.


Another effect I would like to recreate is that of having the camera look like it’s running on 8mm film. I really like this old grainy feel and I really like how Frank Ocean uses it in his video, by having it at the video. This is something that I would like to do in my short film and will have to look on how to recreate this authentically without it looking cheap.


Finally the last thing I would like to talk about for this music video is what Frank Ocean is wearing towards the end of the music video with what makeup he has on.

Related image

I feel this is really good piece of costume design which really elevates the overall mise en scene of the music video. Making more visually interesting to digest as a viewer as he stands out from the black where a white, glittery one piece. I also like. again, the use of make up. I feel that it again is making the same point about him being bisexual.

I would have to take make sure that I take this on board, making sure that every part of mise en scene to make the image much more visually interesting to look at and also making have a much more professional look. Not just focusing on the framing of the shot, taking more to look at every aspect of mise en scene.

Overall I feel that Frank Ocean’s Nikes will influence me the most visually, due to its complex metaphor and also great attention to mise en scene. I will have to study this video like a hand book in order to the highest possible grade I can.

Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

The Final video I would like to talk about is Earl Sweatshirt’s chum. I feel that this video is a lot more different to the others I have talked about. This is due to the fact of it being a lot more dark and slow.

What I like about this music video is the lighting, of how it keeps coming and going off Earl Sweatshirt’s face. I really like as well how everything is dark apart from the person/thing we should be looking at. I will have to look at this video closely for ideas on how to light a scene and also what felling to get across when lighting it.

Overall I feel that this blog will really help me with coming up with ideas for the music video for the final major project. I feel that I should keep looking back at these videos to give me ideas on how to film or create what I want for my music video. I will also be looking at different films to give some more inspiration as well.

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