06/04/17 – Trying to email Frank Ocean

Today I have spent trying to email someone to see if it is possible to use one of Frank Ocean’s songs off the album Blonde or the latest single Chanel. However he made these two projects when he broke off and become independent. Meaning that his third album Blonde and Chanel wasn’t made by a record label. This has made it extremely hard to find out who to email. I looked for any contact email on his website however this was very non descriptive and only had emails for purchasing magazines.

This added with the fact that he has no social media presence makes very hard to contact the man. I tried to also find out what he thought of people using his music in films and other projects by looking at past interviews. However he rarely ever does interviews and he never mentioned anything related to this.

However I will keep looking, but I feel I may just have to use the music without talking to anyone other Frank Ocean’s team. Hoping that they will be okay letting a film student use their song for a school project.


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