Frank Ocean’s new song – Biking

A couple of days ago Frank Ocean released his new song “Biking,” featuring Jay-Z and Tyler the creator. After listening to this song a few times I have came to the conclusion that I could use this for my music video idea. I feel that it has a lot of potential and I have already got a few ideas for different shots and a story for the music video. Mainly consisting of someone riding a bike with different shots of striking images, similar to the Nikes music video, being interlaced. So far this is the song I have the most ideas for out of all my short films ideas and song I would like to use for the music video.

I really like this song not just for its lyrics about biking and how I can apply this very easily to a music video. But also how the song changes mood, tone and pace when it goes over to Jay-Z and Tyler, the creator verses. I feel I can create something cool for the music video visually when it changes verses.

I have decided I will either use this song or the song Chanel if I were to make a Frank Ocean music video. This will mean I can be more focused on two songs rather than listening to a whole album. I will have to make storyboards for each song and try to make decision on which song to use.

Harvard referencing:

Frank Ocean, Biking, 11/04/17, Blonded

Frank Ocean, Chanel,, Mar 10 17, Blonded



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