Experimental hip hop group, DEATH GRIPS

In this blog post I will be looking at the musical trio death grips and how I could make music video for one of their songs whilst also writing about how their music videos will give me influence for my FMP.

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Over the past week I have been listening to the group Death Grips. They are a experimental hip hop group consisting of Zach hill, MC ride and Andy Morin.  Taking a lot of influence from Punk and heavy metal, with a mix lots of other genres. I feel that this group would be quite a unique choice for doing a music video as they are quite unknown and I would be able to create a really weird and original video with the aid of their music.

I also really like the group personally which help me because I will much more enjoy the process of creating the video. I also really like the aggression in their music which I will have include in my music video through visuals if I was to do my own music video for one of their songs. I feel that this is also massively different from Frank Ocean’s music which is good because I am looking at all different types music to try and find the right song for my FMP.

Before I start talking about their music along with their videos, I want to show a podcast that I found online which I feel would provide good context on what the group is and about that makes so great and unique.

I will now talk about some of their songs which I may like to use in my music video. With also talking about how the music videos accompanying the song can help me with my FMP giving me inspiration and different ideas.

Death grips – Get Got

The first song I would like to look at is Get Got. I feel that the actual song has the biggest potential, out of the death grips portfolio, for me using it for my music video. Due to it having quite a few electric beats in the background with vocals being slow and not changing much  in terms of pitch through the song.

When looking at the actual video on its own, I really like the editing effect where MC ride is in a tunnel and he is walking around the camera, rapping.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.13.01.png

I feel like if I can recreate this it would be quite atmospheric for the music video. However I will only have it for a short amount of time to make the effect have more of a impact. For instance only having it in for a short verse. For the location as well I will have to it somewhere dark or not completely bright with an interesting background. Maybe somewhere in middle of a street in Brighton or London.

Death Grips – I’ve seen footage

The next video I will be looking at is the music video for their song I’ve seen footage. I feel that this song on own its is something that I could use for my music video. Due to its really aggressive nature of the instrumentals in the background and with MC ride vocals, shouting into the mic. If I was going to make a music video for this song I would have to make it pretty dark and atmospheric. While having the visuals being challenging to the audience and also very aggressive to collate with the song.

For the actual their is very little I could actually take into my own practise for the FMP due to just being a collection of pictures. However there is some time lapses hidden within the video. I feel that I should have some time lapses of the camera moving towards someone or someone in the frame doing something and have it cut into a selection of images.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.14.06.png

I feel like the example above works quite well, I will want to try something like this if I was do this song. Even if I wasn’t doing this song I would still like to experiment with a very similar style of time lapse as I feel it has a creepy feel and tone.

Death Grips – No love

This is another aggressive song similar to I’ve seen footage. Only this time being much slower in pace. I feel that this song out of all their music I have been looking at in this blog will be the hardest to make a music video for. Due to it being very aggressive and also with the pausing in the song. If I was using this song I would have to make the video have a level of dark atmosphere to go with the aggressive nature of the music. I would also have to think about the pauses, probably leading me to copy the original music video.

The things I would like to take away from this video and the features I would like recreate would mostly likely be the text and the colours.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.15.10.png

Firstly the text going across the bottom of the screen would be cool to play around with maybe use to have a certain level of cryptic in the video due to being unsettling and weird.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.15.47.png

Secondly the editing effect with the colours throughout the whole video I really like. I will only use this for a short amount of time before it gets repetitive but I really like the effect of even though its bright colours its still unsettling. If I was to copy this effect I would only use it for a few shots in my video.

Death Grips – Guillotine

Along with the previous song this will probably be a hard song to make into a video due to it being very abstract and the fact that it is very loud. For the music I will probably not making this into a video.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.16.26.png

For the music video however I really like the effect of colour keying out the white. I feel that this a really cool effect of not seeing anything around MC ride. I want to make this a shot into my short film where all you can see is the person and everything else is not being shown due to the post production effects, however I may do it a different way. I also really like the effect of not really seeing the white in his eyes, this has the effect of him being non-human and making it really creepy. Going along nicely with the music.

Death Grips – Double Helix

The next song I would like to look at is double helix, I feel that the song will probably be looked at closer to see if I could use it in for my FMP. I like the electric drums beats being very loud with the random vocals from the woman, making fit really well with MC ride vocals. For the vocals I feel that the fact that they change pace and pitch will be good for the music video, as it is something I could experiment with.

For the video I really like the how they have filmed the monitor capturing the footage of the back of the car for reversing. I would probably like to recreate this just for a few seconds in one shot, but not for the whole video.

Death Grips – Hacker

And finally I would like to talk about one of their songs which doesn’t have a music video. I feel like the song hacker will probably be the song I would be choosing if I was to choose a piece of music from Death Grips. This is because of the lyrics talking about various topics about hacking and corruption one of them being the Wiki leaks. I also really like the chorus with it being different from the verses, pace and pitch. The beasts and the instrumentals in the background also provide a great atmosphere along with MC ride’s vocals. With the song still being aggressive but not too aggressive for it to be difficult to work with.

I feel that for these reasons it will help me in making a really great, aggressive and challenging, music video. Furthermore I feel that all the inspirations I have talked about about from their music videos will fit really well into this one song. However one criticism I have for this song is that it is quite repetitive

Overall I really like the hip hop group death grips and will be listening over their songs again and again to try and come up with ideas and to see if their songs are viable for making a full length music video. I will also be comparing them to Frank Ocean’s songs to see which one has better and more developed ideas.

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