14/04/17 – Writing about Death Grips

Toady I wrote a blog post consisting of 1500 words talking about the experimental hip hop group Death Grips. I gave some background information on the group and what they are about. But what the blog mainly talked about was looking at some of their songs to see if they had potential to make my music video for. I weighed up the possibility of some of their songs which I enjoyed. I also then looked at those music videos for those songs, then writing about the features I liked and I thought they did well. For my hope to then take some of those features as inspiration into my own work.

Overall this blog post was for me to see if I could find any potential songs for me to use for my FMP music video. Whilst looking at their music videos to find inspiration for my work. I feel that I succeed in this task and will continue to examine their work closely to find more inspiration, I will also be doing the same for other artists and directors.


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