18/04/17 – Developing my idea, Test editing and getting my crew together, aims for this project

Today was our first day back from a half term break. Today I did more brainstorming of my idea for the Frank Ocean song Biking trying to develop it fully so I can get a proper idea together. After constantly repeating the song over and over again I finally got a timeline of what roughly I would do. I decided to do the song Biking due to the fact that I have more ideas that I can work with and expand upon, I also have more varied and more interesting ideas for the song Biking, due to how the song changes pace and pitch. With also the different verses by Tyler and Jay-Z.

I also did some test editing for some footage I will be hoping to make into VHS looking footage. And the final thing I did today was trying to find out which people would be up for helping me film and also who like to act in my music video.

Developing my idea

https://genius.com/Frank-ocean-biking-lyrics – where is the lyrics for song Biking

Frank Ocean, Biking https://soundcloud.com/ofwgkta-official/frank-ocean-biking, 11/04/17, Blonded

The idea is for beginning is having someone set up for cycling in slow mo at the very beginning for Jay z’s verse which goes for 00:00-1:06. I may even cut this out or find a way to get rid of it, because it goes on for a bit too long and is my least favourite part of the song. Also if I include this verse it might make the biking too repetitive.

For the second verse, which is performed by Frank Ocean, I wanted to have the main actor to have started to slowly cycle. Still having it in slow mo. I then wanted the biking footage to be interlaced with close ups of people’s faces, then putting it into post I would then make it look like VHS. If I was to cut out Jay-z’s verse I would place the slow mo setting up in this verse as well. This would be good as it will give more variation. This verse goes on between the time frame 1:05-1:43.  I want the VHS to similar to this from the Nikes music video by Frank Ocean.


For the chorus I will still have cycling, but it no longer being in slow mo and not being close up. I will include the full figure of the main actor and not have any close ups. This is because of the fact that it is much faster pace compared to the second verse. The timeframe for this is 1:43-2:09.

For the third verse I wanted to stay away more from the biking footage as I don’t want it to be a repetitive. But still having some for the third verse. The first two lines I will have some more slow mo footage because of the lyrics. The next two lines I wanted to have someone dress in a winter outfit acting to be really cold, when the location is really sunny and someone next to him has flip flops and sunglasses. This is because of the line where he mentions he gets cold when the temperature dips below 70. The next part of the verse I am not too sure what to put in, so I will have to continue brainstorming. For the last two lines I wanted the biker to be going uphill in slow mo and then going downhill really fast in normal time. Going past someone with a fishing rod. Due to the lines:

I’m bikin’ uphill and it’s burnin’ my quads (obstacles)
I’m bikin’ downhill and it sound like a fishin’ rod

Savage, I’m bikin’, yeah.” -Frank Ocean Biking

For the fourth verse which features Tyler the creator, I was going to have someone lip sync the words to this verse. I had in mind Johnny from my class. I will have Johnny walk around me while I try and follow him with the camera. This I think will give variation to the music video and be different from the biking which is the main source of the video. The inspiration I took was from the Get Got music video where MC ride walks around the camera whilst rapping.

I might try and include the editing effect however, it isn’t essential. I may practise editing the scene with test footage to see if I can add the editing effect. I will might have different locations of Johnny rapping. With maybe him sitting on a brick wall, whilst someone does bike tricks next to him. This verse lasts 3:02 – 3:40.

For Frank Ocean chorus will have the same sort of shorts from before but in different locations, rather than the countryside then it in a more of a town like area. This will last for between 3:40-4:06

For the outro the remaining last part of my song I wanted to have the VHS footage appear again. But this time with someone throwing a bike across the room. I feel that this is a good idea due to the fact that the outro is quite aggressive. Cuts back to Johnny this time of the brick wall not saying anything with someone doing tricks next to him. I will also want to include someone doing tricks while this effect plays around them.

frank ocean editing effect

However as you can see I have yet to place the theme change into the music video. This is the part I am struggling with now. I am thinking of adding a beginning and a ending (with talking and no music) to the video so I could fit the theme of change in it this project. Now moving I will have to brainstorm ideas of how to fit the theme while still keeping my idea.

Test editing with VHS effects

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 14.48.24

I have been experimenting with some footage I have found online. To try and make it look VHS. This is because I want to some VHS shots in my short film. I thought I would try before hand editing the footage so when I come to editing I will know exactly what to do, saving me time.

Below is the video I used for the to test the effect. I feel that I will use this effect but maybe try and make it have more colour maybe more purple. Due to the fact that it doesn’t look at that existing at the moment.

Gathering the crew

Today I also spent seeing who would be up for filming and starring in my music video. My friend Jasper, who did drama at GCSE, would be up for playing the main character of riding the bike. Johnny, who studies on the same course, has also agreed to rap Tyler the creator verse in my music video as well. For crew members I have asked my friend Luc to help me film with the behind the scenes and camera setup. We worked together in the past at GCSE level and he studies Film studies at Reigate college. I now just need to find a few more actors who would like to be filmed for the VHS footage clips and also have someone who can do tricks on a bike. I will also need to find someone who would be up for letting me borrow their bike for the duration of the shoot.

My aims for this project is to make a music video which is visually interesting and tells us a story just through the visuals. Not relying on dialogue to tell every detail. I will be doing this by having visually interesting shot which tie closely with the song at hand. Having images that I will stay in the viewer’s mind.

Overall I had a busy day to the start of the term. I need to continue to have days like this where I don’t get distracted and work hard, in order to get the best grade. Moving forward I now need to a way to place the theme of Change into my music video, then moving on with writing my proposal and drawing a storyboard so I can get on filming my idea. As I feel that this will be the longest point in the process.

My action plan from now is:

Create the theme of change
Getting actors
Props, clothes
Location scouting

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Frank Ocean, Biking https://soundcloud.com/ofwgkta-official/frank-ocean-biking, 11/04/17, Blonded

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