19/04/17 – First draft of my Proposal and focus group

Today I have wrote the first draft for my proposal.


I feel as a first draft I have got a lot down about my FMP. However I need to add the following things to make it look better and be more informative to what my project is as a whole. Firstly I need to add some locations to the proposal weather that be in the form of another document or pictures included. I need to also mention what actors I have gathered for the project.

Technical challenges will also need to be talked about more in greater depth and how I might over come those hurdles. Making a plan ahead time might also help. Due to the fact that I know how much time I have left. I will make this in the form a calendar. Knowing how many weeks I have left.

Finally we had a focus group where I told my idea in front of a few other students. I didn’t really get any feedback from them so I guess that means there isn’t anything bad? However Jack gave me an idea of how to place the theme change into my project by having someone riding the bike change actor. This could work however I will need to have twice amount of bike footage which will take quite long, as I need to film a lot of bike footage anyway.

From this I will brainstorm ideas for a theme of change, then create a moodboard of all my inspirations for the music video. Checking the box for the visual part of the proposal. I will then also start location scouting so I know where I will be filming, with even making a board of that as well. This will mean I am fully prepared for the pitch on the 25th of April.

After the pitch I can create a storyboard, if I haven’t already, and start filming.


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