20/04/17 – Drew up a calendar and brainstorming the theme of change


This is my calender for the coming weeks. This is so I can make sure that I am doing everything that I am supposed to be doing and do it efficiently. Making sure that I am keeping on track of deadlines and have enough time for filming and editing.

As you can see past the 15th of May I am not sure what I will be doing, this is because I am not sure if I would need to reshoot any of the previous footage or film more scenes. Or even if I can move on to editing. I will update the calendar late down the line with what I should be doing.

Due to the filming of this project having alot of different locations I will need lots of separate filming dates, but these filming dates will be quite short due to the fact that I have so many different ones.

Brainstorming ideas (how to place the theme of “Change,”)

Over the next couple of days I will be brainstorming ideas of how I am going to place the theme of change into my storyline and concept idea. I initially came up with a few ideas already. The first being to have a beginning and an ending acted. In these two scenes someone asks their friend to watch the new Frank Ocean music video, at first he is hesitant but after he watches it anyway. It plays my music video as if I have made the official Frank Ocean music video. It will then with the person going on Frank Ocean’s spotify and following him.

I feel that this idea has the theme to be pretty obvious which is a good thing, however it’s a little compared to the rest of the music video. Due to the fact that it’s quite a contrast and creates a juxtaposition which impact the overall short film negatively.

My other idea is to not change my idea at all and have the fact that it changes focus a lot between different locations and doesn’t really have of the story be the theme of change. This idea is good because I don’t have to hinder my idea with trying to shove a theme of change into it. However this idea of theme is very loose and doesn’t have scream out the theme of change at all really, so this is why I am still thinking of which one to pick.


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