21/04/17 – Proposal changes and script

Today I wrote a script for what happens in my music video, outlining what happens in that order. Here is the link of the script: https://seb174750eastsurreycollege.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/a-script-for-the-music-video/

I want this to lay as a foundation for the storyboard so I can get a pretty clear idea of what to draw and write down. I will start the storyboard tomorrow hopefully having it finished for when I have to do the pitch. I feel that the script worked gather well as it also made for a brainstorming session so new interesting ideas could open up in my brain. However I feel I may need to go over it again as in Frank Ocean’s second verse I am not too sure what will go in there.

For the proposal changes I added what actors and crew I will be using whilst also looking at what locations I might be using, with any technical difficulties I might face. This infomation that I got from the focus group of which I should put into my proposal because it was missing. This will give the people I am pitching to a better understanding of what I will face when making my idea come to life.

I was also going to have a moodboard of images that inspired me, along with a moodboard for actors and locations.


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