Location scouting for Tyler the creator’s verse

This is a collection of images for possible areas of which I could film my scene with Johnny for Tyler, the creator’s verse. I will be comparing and contrasting them in this blog to which would be the best option for me to film.

For the scene where Johnny will be sitting on a brick wall I have a selection of possible locations.

The first will be the higher brick wall. I feel that this one would be a lot better, because of the fact that you could have his legs dangling down and I could a lot more low angles when he is in this high position. For the second brick wall option I feel that this is too short, but could work as an added addition to have variety of the shots.

For the shot where Johnny walks around the camera and raps, I have many options. I am just going to show my favourites and rather than picking ONE I am having multiple filming locations. All the photos I am talking about from now on I will be filming at and taking at least one or two takes. This is due to the fact that I can then cut in the verse between lots of different locations and incase one goes wrong I don’t have to reshoot because I will have plenty of footage.


I quite like this one, however the location is quite locked off and not near the road. This may be good because of the fact that we won’t get people looking at the camera but however it may look better if there’s more to look at rather than just four brick walls.
For the reason of not having a interesting background, I might not be choosing this location for my music video.


This may be good location due to the fact that it is by the road and it might be interesting to see if a car goes past in the distance. With the fact that it is more open and different background scenery than just brick walls.


This is another location that I would like to use, this is mostly for the same reasons as the last one, due to the fact that it open next to the road. And would work quite well with cutting between these two locations.


This lane of greeny I might want to do a few lines of the verse on due to the fact that Johnny could be walking towards the camera, rather than around. This would add variety to shots and to the action on screen. This is also what I would be trying to do with having him sitting on the brick wall saying a few lines.

When we actually film I am going to film the same scene but in different locations, I will probably do this three times and also have the last two lines in a fourth location. Just so we have plenty of footage and we don’t have to do any reshoots. This saving time incase one of the takes goes wrong I don’t notice until editing. The place where I have taken photos is at the back of east surrey college so it will be easy to get to with Johnny and a small crew.

For the three locations I would be using the ones I have talked about in more detail in this blog, however it might change on the spot if something happens while on the day filming this is why I have taken some many photos. I feel like this blog was good deciding where to go ahead of time, and having some choice with what to do.


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