23/04/17 – location scouting, storyboarding and buying a new camera

Today I did some location scouting for my scene with Johnny for Tyler the creator’s verse in the song. I looked at pictures I took and compared them, seeing which would be the best to shoot at. This was good because I know where I would be shooting ahead time so I don’t have to worry and we can get straight to filming.

Comparing and contrasting made me think about how the scene would pan out. Choosing the best one for its accessibility but also how good will it look through a camera lens. You can see where I am filming below with the link to the blog post I wrote comparing and contrasting them.



Also spent some time storyboarding. This would be good soon I can remember what I need to film on location and also how much I need to film. This will also lay a good foundation to know how the clips will cut with the music. I haven’t quite finished storyboarding yet but I have done Frank Ocean’s first verse and the first chorus. It was quite to know what to draw thanks to the script that I made earlier.

I will continue to storyboard alongside other things, making sure that I get it done before I start filming two weeks from now.

Buying a new camera

I also just brought a new camera, a 700d dslr canon. I will need this to make my short film look more professional and also look clear and less amateur. This will be a much better quality than the cam recorder that I have currently. This camera also has 60fps meaning that I could slow the footage down my 50%. I spent time researching into cameras and this one was the best bargain for its price. This is also the same camera I used for my this is me, so I have experience in working its features already.

This is the camera below and the website which I brought it off.

canon 700d dslr



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