24/04/17 – Mood board, location part2, actors and the theme of “change,”

Today was Monday of the start of the third week out of nine in the amount time we have to complete our FMP. Today was mainly continuing pre production research and also finishing off a few things before the pitch tomorrow.

Mood board


I decided to do a mood board of inspirations and locations for my FMP. This is because I want to create the tone and feeling for my short film just by visuals. Best way to do this with visuals was to just have location screenshots and screenshots of music videos that I was inspired by to come up with my idea. This will also tell the people I am pitching to where I am coming from with my FMP. This mood board will hopefully tell the people I am pitching to how my film will turn out.

I feel that this was good to do due to the fact that it makes my proposal a lot more visual and more creative rather than just a page of text. Creating variety for the proposal making my pitch more dynamic and interesting.

Location scouting part 2 – Biking scene


I also did location scouting for my second location, this is for the biking scene in my music video. In the blog I looked at location I could use for the scene and compared and contrasted them. Discussing which ones I am using and for what. I feel that this good so I know ahead which ones I am using for what shots. This means I am planned ahead of time and I know what to film at what extract location. I will now just need to do one more location post where I discuss about another location.



In this blog post I was explaining which actors I am using in my short film. With also giving reasons for why I am choosing them, making sure that they can fit the part. I feel that this was a good way of showing everyone who will be taking part in my final project. This also enabled me to compare and contrast actors together and to see which ones would good for the right role, enabling me to get a better music video.

Theme of “change,” – I have fixed the problem


In this blog post I discuss the idea that I have brainstormed to get around the idea of theme of change. I have created an idea which will test my skills in editing and make me have to experiment, I was heavily inspired by the sherlock holmes texting in the TV show. I feel that the idea I have came up with is similar to my previous one but just alot less silly due to the fact that they are texting, making it more realistic rather than his friend randomly coming up to him asking about the Frank Ocean music video.
Brainstorming my idea was a good way of coming up with different ways of tackling the problem and making sure that I have a good often choice so I can make the right decision, not just choice the easy option as it might lessen my overall grade.

When reflecting on my idea I feel that I have came up with a good idea of how to stay creative and not have to change my original idea. This is something which will be good in future not having to change my idea. Now I will have to storyboard my these two scenes for the pre production folder.


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