Actors – What actors I will be using

In this blog post I will be talking about what actors I will be using in my music video. I will be explaining why I chose them and why they would be good in the role I have chosen for them.

(insert picture of Jasper)

My main actor will be Jasper Ingles, 16. Jasper will be playing the person who cycles through country lines. Jasper studied drama at GCSE. This tells me that he will be committed to working on set and taking the job seriously. He will also have good experience of listening to directions of what to do. The reason I want him to be the cyclist is because of the fact that he has interesting fashion style that I feel look good on camera with the cycling. He agreed to help out when asked.

(insert picture of Johnny)

My second actor will be Johnny, 17. He is on the same course that I am on. For him I want to rap Tyler, the creator’s verse. This is due to the fact that Johnny’s fashion style is similar to a skater. This makes sense due to the fact that Tyler, the creator dresses like a skater. Johnny also looks more intimating compared to most other people. Due to the fact that he studies on this course as well, I know he will be committed to working. I asked him last week and he was happy to help out. I will just have to make sure that he learns the lines by next week.

(insert picture of Luc)

My third actor and also crew member is Luc Seeraj, 17. The reason I want him to help me film is due to the fact that he knows a lot about filming and knows a lot about DSLRs. He studies film studies at A level, meaning that he will take the filming seriously and will be willing to work long hours. I have worked very well with him in the past with us making lots of short films when we were at secondary school.
For his acting role I want to him to appear in the first scene that is acted before the music video, this scene will have theme of change place into it. I want him to also appear in some of the VHS footage with also having him throw the bike across the road.


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