Location scouting, part two. Biking scene

In this blog post I will be talking about what locations I would like to use for my scene where I have Jasper cycle thorough country lines at the start of the music video. I will be filming in a number of different places around the same area. The location is in lower Kingswood right near where I live, this is good because I can easily get there to film. And if I need to do any reshoots I can easily.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.22.52.png

The first place I would like to film. This is due to the fact that I can have the shot where Jasper cycles as the line says, “I am cycling uphill, its hurts my quads,” I could also do the downhill shot for the other line. Killing two birds with one stone. Is also has on a corner so I could have the camera set at an angle giving a better shot than just at the side on ahead on.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.22.22.png

This is the place where I would want to start my short film. This is where I will have Jasper setting up in slow motion, and slowly starting to cycle. The reason I want to use this place for the beginning is because I can get a lot of light to the shot making it more cinematic and having the sun shining through the bikes wheels. Another location I might use for this set of shots is the image underneath.Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.23.24.png

I was going to choose this one for the start of the short film, but due to the fact that you can’t really see the sun, you can’t get the shot of the sun going though the bikes wheels. So for this reason I was going to have this for the chorus location where Jasper is cycling with the car and me with the camera out of the window. This is due to the road being wider so the bike can overtake the car.

With the fact that you can’t see the sun also has a positive effect for an the other scene, meaning that you won’t be able to see the shadow of the car in the shots. This would be good because it won’t distract the audience from the music video.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.21.44.png

The last location is a road next to some houses. I feel that this would be nice due to fact that it look good having some shots of Jasper going past some houses. This would contrast between the hedges. Making the film have progression. I was going to have most of the tripod non-slow motion at this location, due to the fact that I could have the tripod near the house and have Jasper go past. I might also do a few car shots due to the fact that I could have Jasper follow behind at a angle.



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