25/04/17 – Frank Ocean Context, reflecting why

Today I wrote some context about the singer Frank Ocean. I mentioned about his background what he has done so far in his musical career. With what he did before his recent release of Biking. I feel that this was good to make sure they know who Frank Ocean is and understand where he is coming from with this release. With added fact that people will understand why I like him as well. This good to make me research in depth about him, making my grade improve due to providing context before I go ahead and film.

I also gave my interpretation on what I thought the song meant to me with also why I chose it in the first place. This will give context on why I feel it is important song and why I like it. This is important due to fact that the person watching my music video can get a better understanding of why I chose it. This will make my wordpress have more context to work off to make the video.


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