28/04/17 – back to the drawing board, changing my idea

When handing in my proposal for the music video idea I had with the song Biking. Elena raised some concern over the song’s lyrics. Not being suitable for a viewing audience. At first being annoyed at the fact that I might have to change my idea. I was worried about not being able to finish my project in time, due to Elena saying that I will have to change my idea. I was to concerned that all the work in the three weeks would go to waste.

I started to look my idea to see if it has worth it to continue with the music video even though they were some explicit language in the piece that may affect the end result. To find that the idea was very concrete and I started to question if would turn out good in the final edit. I found that my idea was that well thought out and was a risky project to do that probably won’t have a good turn out.

So over the past couple of days I have been listening to some other Frank Ocean songs to get some new ideas in the same vein as the last one. I really like the songs Godspeed and Seigfried, both breaking up someone which is something I could experiment within my short film. I will still planning to film next week on the 7th May. I will just have to write up my production folder before then and with also my Proposal.

I want to stick to the music video idea and having a Frank Ocean song, as then this isn’t completely changing my idea from the original plan. This means that the research I have done will still hold a effect on the final outcome of the project. As Well as meaning I don’t have to do all the beginning research to try and find a new idea.

If my new two songs I that I will be looking at closely don’t work out, I will also be looking outside of Frank Ocean’s music. Looking at other artists. However the reason I like the two songs Seigfried and Godspeed is because of the fact that they are very strip down and not overbearing. This will be good because I want the music to aid the visuals and not have the visuals aid the music. As this is a film course, and obviously the visuals are the most important part.

In reflection I feel that I should pay more attention to lyrics in the song I am going to use in my film and see if they would have any negative effects in the overall film. When looking back on what happened as well I feel that I shouldn’t have left it this late to talk to Elena about the project, feeling that I should of maybe talked to her about it earlier than the proposal deadline date. I feel that I should also have a proper back up plan in the same sort of vein as my first idea, as this means that I have something to fall back on in the same sort of vein and I won’t be starting from square one again.

Elena telling me to change my idea however I feel is a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to see that the project I was working on wasn’t as good as it could be. Allowing me to step back and start to have a look again for a new song.

However I feel that this is good to look back seeing where I went wrong and I feel that I can improve a lot from this mistake I made. I feel that I can also get a new idea that I am much more confident in. Making my FMP much better for it.


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