The new concept for the FMP, using the song Seigfried, new aims and reflecting on the new idea

Today I was thinking about my new idea so that it could fit into a song that hasn’t got any swear words or explicit language. I have come up with a similar idea to the previous but with an actual progression and story. This would be the music video to the song Seigfried from Frank Ocean’s Blonde album. Seigfried is a song about a break up love story, but it is heavily hinting at a male model of which Frank Ocean dated for a short duration.

For my idea for this song I wanted Luc (the actor I will be using,) to receive a text from his girlfriend that the relationship is over. And they are no longer together. This text effect, will be inspired by the Sherlock series effect. With the text not having a bubble around it and just on its own. I feel that this would be different from the normal cliche texting you see in films all the time.

Image result for sherlock texting effect

In shock and not knowing what to do, he packs a bag with a sleeping bag and rides his bike. Trying to clear his head he finds a woods where he settles down to smoke a cigarette and lay the sleeping bag out. His Mother calls him and he just stares at the phone and doesn’t answer. He then camps the outside in the woods. He then rides his bike home the next morning to find his mum waiting outside the house for him. I will have slow motion shots of him lighting the cigarette and have some slow motion shots of him riding the bike up the hill to the woods. With also having editing effects around Luc, having some outlines around when smoking. Very much like this one below. I will also try and film lots of close ups, as this is a very personal story and the close ups in the short film will reflect that.

Image result for frank ocean nikes music video

This would not be the only thing I will be filming. I will also have VHS footage of Luc and his girlfriend in the past relationship. As if he is looking back on the relationship. I will show that this is in the past by having it look like 8mm film or VHS footage. I will have also have shots of Luc with angel winged make up on randomly cut into the music video. This will demonstrate as if he is questioning his own sexuality and if he is bisexual. I feel that this will add a layer of depth as it will need to be interrupted to get the full meaning. I taken inspiration for this from the Frank Ocean music video Nikes, where he is seen throughout the video wearing make up and having glitter on his face. This is him trying to show his feminine side, which is something I would like to show in my music video.

Image result for frank ocean nikes music video

However to improve my idea I want to expand upon the questioning of his own sexuality as I feel it’s more original and creative than having a break up story. So I may try to find more ways of including subtle hints to bisexuality. Either by having him hold up a sign saying “I see both sides like Chanel,” a reference to Frank Ocean’s song Chanel. Which is a song about bisexuality. Or something similar.

Aims for this project

My aims for this project is to make a music video which is visually interesting and tells us a story just through the visuals. Not relying on dialogue to tell every detail. I will do this by not having any spoken dialogue and have this instead be replaced by the music. I want the song to help tell the narrative I want to tell visually. Having the music support the visuals but take over and be overbearing. This is why I think it’s quite good that I have got quite a stripdown song. I would like to it also be similar to Frank Ocean’s other music videos having visual metaphors in the video.

What makes my new aims different is that I want to actually have a narrative story that people can be invested in. Which then I can jump from to expand my music video. I also like the fact that it is a very simple idea, meaning I can test myself in the technical aspects.

For the audience I am aiming for is pretty much everyone, as it really applies to everyone who has been through a bad relationship in the past. But I would also like it to appeal to Frank Ocean’s fans as there is a few visual references to his work in the music video. For genre I would say that my film is drama based, due to the fact that there isn’t a lot of action in the music video.

Reflecting on changing my idea

I feel that considering the fact that I had to change my idea half way through the project I feel that I have done it in considerable amount of time. Managing to get back on my feet and think of a new idea that will work for the FMP. I feel that my new also is alot better in comparison, this is due to the to fact that I feel the song works better and also I have a simple story I can expand upon.

I think this shows a good level of problem solving in a short amount of time. Meaning I am able to get back to making my short film. I am glad that I have kept the idea of having a Frank Ocean song as this is a major theme throughout my work filming up to the actual project. I am also still making my short film very visual, still only wanting to rely on visuals to tell the story. The reason I want to do this, is because film is a visual art form not a spoken or written one.

I feel that to avoid having to do this next time, changing my idea that is, I should have a few back up ideas that are similar to the main idea that I am running with. I should also not include any swear just to be on the safe side. Finally I feel that I should check with Elena as early as possible to check if my idea is suitable without leading it till the proposal hand in where she sees my idea for the first time.

I think what I should take away from this is that always be adaptable when making a film. As having to change something with the idea might work out for the better in the long run, with it actually improving my work. I feel that this has taught me always be prepared for idea constantly changing, even if you are three weeks away from the deadline. As this is just the nature of the film industry.

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  1. Elena Farneti · May 1, 2017

    Well done Seb! You came up with a great idea. I hope you’re going to include some diegetic sound. Blog is up to date.


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