29,30,01/05/17 – New concept, new song, new locations, new script and new actors Bank holiday weekend

New song and idea

After the feedback given over the lyrics I had been halted at a crossroads. After thinking over a few days of what to do, either to still use the song or pick another one. I decided to start over with a fresh new song. I feel that this worked out better due to the fact that I prefer the song and I feel that the idea is more creative. Due to the fact that now it actually has a story which I can branch off from. I also actually prefer the song for the sort of emotional response I wanted in the first place. So overall it has been a blessing in disguise.

Have since wrote a script giving the main beats of the idea, so far I feel that it works well with song and is has a slow pace about which I like. This script will give me a great starting off point to create a storyboard of my idea. This storyboard will then tell me the accurate time frame.

Location and actors

I have since re wrote my actors and my locations, most of them being the same but I felt it was important to show the changes that I had to make and the things I have brought in such as filming in a different location or getting another actor for the filming. I will now just have to condense these blog posts so I can print them out and have them for the folder.

Overall this bank holiday weekend I have been rewriting stuff for my new idea so I can have a pre production folder ready before filming. Tomorrow I will be printing everything out and sorting out my proposal so I can have folder on hand for when I film. Hopefully by Thursday I have written about my props, drew up a storyboard and also have a finished proposal for my new idea alongside a printed out pre production folder. This means I could do some test footage before filming with Luc and Jess.


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