Actors and crew for Seigfried music video

For my Seigfried music video I want my main actor to be Luc Seeraj, as I know he will be committed to the filming as he studies film studies and has a passion for filmmaking. He will also be up for filming for a full day and is someone I will get along with when filming. This means I can tell him straight what I want from him. I will also have Luc to help me with the filming, as he has a second camera and a microphone. He would be my second crew member and will help me film the scenes, giving me inspiration and advise on how to film certain shots and scenes.


My second actor will be Jess Smith. Her part will be to play the Girlfriend in the VHS footage of the past relationship. The reason for having Jess is because of the fact that Luc and Jess are good friends and the chemistry will actually look genuine and won’t be so focused as if compared to getting two other people to do it, who are not actors.


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