Locations for Seigfried music video (part 1)

In this blog I will be looking at the new locations for filming my new idea. Some of these will be similar and there will also be a few different ones in there as well. I will be making a part two for the VHS footage, this will be mostly around Reigate.



This is where I will be filming my first scene which contains all digitec sound. This being all extreme close ups and no medium shots of the person or the location. This is because I feel it will add an interesting dynamic to the short film having the first part just be close ups. This will be filmed at my house due to the fact that I can get alot of the filming done in one day as I won’t have Luc for long. I will also have Luc put on the make up here as well, due to the fact that this will contrast well with the shaving. As shaving is a very manly thing and applying make up is the total opposite.

The shed where the bike will be placed


This is where I will get the bike, which I am borrowing off a friend. This will be only a couple of shots and won’t be too long to film. This is also my back garden. The reason for filming most of the scenes in my house is due to the fact that the country lanes around my house are perfect for the biking scenes and the camping outside scene in the wood.


This is where I will be filming my scene with the texting as I am able to have a couch in the room for Luc to sit on and also have the sun come from the window to let a lot of light into the room. Making it a lot more easier to film. I will also have Luc rip off a poster in anger due to the fact that I have so many.

Country lanes

This one stretch of road is on Monkswell lane leading to a set of woods on the corner. This will be long enough to get lots of footage of Luc cycling to the woods with also the fact that it also leading nicely from my street to the woods where Luc will be camping. I compared and contrasted different roads in my previous blog about my other idea. Meaning I know that this will be more busy but it will be better because it leads from the house Luc is exiting to the woods where he will be camping in the film.

The woods

This is where I will have some tracking shots of Luc walking around the woods. With this also being in slow motion. With also having shots of the sunlight coming through the trees, similar to lens flares. This is also where Luc will be camping/sleeping in the short film.


This is where I will have Luc set a sleeping bag and camp, as it is nice and open to place things down like a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. However it might be too light, giving away that it is isn’t dark or night when he sleeps. So I might have to go deeper into the woods to find a place where it will be dark enough so it will look like Luc is sleeping when it is dark.




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