02/05/17 – Finishing my proposal and sorting out my pre production folder

The first thing I did today was writing up about my actors, finishing locations, kit list and printing them to place in my pre production folder. I have made a folder having lots of different tabs which I will need each one of in my folder. This folder be collection of the research I have collected about the pre production and what I will need to take to each film day.

This folder will help remind me with what to bring and keeping track of time of shooting on the day. Things like: my actors contact information, locations, storyboards, props needed for what day and with also image release forms to get my actors to fill out.

After organising my folder I rewrote my proposal for my new idea. With also shorting it down to have more condense and not so wordy and repetitive. After submitting this to the VLE I later printed it out for my pre production.

I feel that my folder will help a lot with keeping everything organised in one place, and taking it to everything filming day will help my project by making sure I am not forgetting anything. I feel that changing my proposal will help because it makes my proposal more accurate to what the ending result will be considering I have changed the idea some what. Making sure that the person reading through my work is up to date with what is happening in my work.


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