Locations part 2, Reigate VHS footage

Alma road

This will be the second location for my FMP, this is where I will be filming my footage of the past relationship. Using editing effects to make it look like VHS footage. I will film on this street in Reigate as it looks different from the country lanes, adding variety to the film. It will also be quiet when we film on this road meaning we won’t get anyone walking past looking at the camera or any cars driving.  This is also near Luc’s house so we can create a base to all meet at.

Reigate high street

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 09.13.22.png

I might also have some of the scenes in the high street. Due to the fact that it will contrast well with the wildlife environment of the main location. It will also look good with having Luc and Jess walking around in Reigate, as if they are a couple.

Over the two locations I am preferring the Alma road, as it will be more quiet and won’t have as much distracts or things to stop us from filming. However I might just use both in the final edit if I have enough time to film on the that Sunday.


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