03/05/17 – Health and safety and starting storyboarding


Today I have started my storyboard, this will be great to have for filming as I will know exactly what to do on set. And not waste time figuring out how to sort the problem. I have currently stretched the first scene where there is diegetic sound and the music starts. This is good because now I can focus on the main aspect from now on, the music video. I will draw more shots of up over tomorrow and probably some on Friday as well to finish up. I am hoping to finish by Saturday so I can do some test shooting. Overall I feel that storyboard so far is good however I regretted not getting more shots done, so I could at least get to the cycling scene.

When I finish this I will be able to film because of my pre production folder will be finished and complete, due to this being the last thing I need to place in. Making sure know exactly what I am doing when filming on the day.

Health and Safety

For health and safety I talked about what I would need to look out for in my project with what I needed to do to make it more safe and less dangerous. This was good because I was able to explain what things I will be doing to make sure that no accidents will occur when filming, this will show that I am taking to proper measures for my production. To improve this blog post though I will be adding pictures of the test shooting so I can show what I have done to make the filming more safe for me and the camera equipment.


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