Health and Safety for filming

For health and safety there is only one aspect I need to look at, as the rest in pretty safe and not dangerous. The thing I will have to look at for is shooting with my camera out the back of the Car in the boot. To make this safe the first thing I will do is to make sure that the person driving the car is driving slowly and at a safe pace, we will find what speed this is by doing test shoots on Saturday so I have some practice before hand.

Displaying WP_20170611_21_05_14_Pro.jpg

I will also make it more safer by filming on Sunday so it isn’t as so busy with cars going past or getting in the way, it also helps as I live in quite a quiet area so we won’t be filming on a main run with lots of cars coming past. I will also make sure that I have my legs over the edge of the car so I won’t fall out of car. I will also have a gorilla tripod making sure that I can hold the camera properly with dropping it.

Image result for gorilla tripod


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