Test footage of boot of the car

I did some test footage to practice filming out the boot of the car, making sure that me and the driver knew what to do with when Luc came. This day made sure that the camera hasn’t going to be too shaky and that it will be stable for me to film Luc when he is riding his bike up and down different country roads.


After looking at the footage I saw which techniques made the image more stable, this means I know how to hold the gorilla tripod in position and how to hold the camera to get the best shots. When editing the footage I made sure to slow it down by 50% to see if slow motion actually looked good and didn’t jitter.


After exporting the file the video seemed slow down by 50% and it looked good, it also made the footage a lot smoother as well due to it being slowed down. I can also have as a backup just not slowing down the footage and having it in 25 fps at normal speed and frame rate, incase the film doesn’t look how I want it to look.


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