07/05/17 – Day 1 filming production



Today Me and Luc filmed the main bulk of what I will use for the footage of my FMP. We aimed to film everything involving Luc today. We achieved this between the hours of 11am and 5pm of when Luc had free time. First we filmed the scenes where Luc was in his room and texting scene. This is because the location is quite dark and we wanted as much daylight as possible to light the scene. We then filmed the biking scenes, first filming all the insert all the insert shots for the journey down and up the hill. I then managed to film the scene where we filmed out of the boot of the car.

Displaying WP_20170611_21_05_14_Pro.jpg

This went much better than expected, being much less shaky and it being lot smoother. I will have to look at the footage to make sure that it is still and seeing how it fits with the rest of the film. I will be looking over all the footage to make sure that I don’t need to do any reshoots, and if I do will make sure to have enough time to organise the dates of shooting.



The filming in the woods was probably the scene which I am slightly concerned. Due to the fact that I feel that the tracking might work as well as I hoped. I will be looking over the footage when editing on Monday to see if it works with the rest of the film. However the filming with the cigarette worked better than excepted due to the fact that the some shots looked really good close up with the background out of focus. I also filmed Luc rolling up the cigarette, I feel will work really well.



The filming with Luc questioning his identity, having the film look 8mm, we did last. This was because he had makeup on in this scene. This went much better than expected having the look I wanted, having influence from Frank Ocean nikes music video. Having the sign look good and having the lighting work really well with the makeup. I will have to see if this looks good with the editing effects that I want to apply.

We also improvised alot whilst filming. Filming a lot of different that seemed interesting at the time. This was good because it allowed alot flowing work to happen when filming the project. This was mostly likely due to the fact that Luc was coming into this with fresh eyes. From an outsider point of view.

In reflection I feel that the day of filming went better than expected, having filmed all the scenes that I needed to with Luc. Having only looked at the footage briefly I feel that its good. We managed to work hard to get everything done in the time frame that I had with Luc. I feel that in terms of improvements there isn’t much to improve due to the fact that we got every scene done with Luc.

For reshooting we may need to do some, but this won’t be problem as we won’t have to film as much as compared to the first day of filming.


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