09/05/17 – Editing, Elena tutorial, changing actress

Elena Tutorial

The first thing I did today was having a 1on1 tutorial with Elena. Talking about where abouts I am with my project making sure I am on task for the due date of 7th June. Elena gave some comments on my project saying so far it looks good, with some editing criticism of Luc smiling in one of the Biking shots. Saying that this took her out of the film. I have since taken this out and will make sure to have Luc with the same emotion.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 14.56.13

She also took a look at blog making sure that it is update with my reflection and wordpress. Elena then looked at how I laid out the blog, saying that I should place unit 8 at the top of the menu because this is the unit that will be marked.

I then asked for some advice on the theme of “change,” with my FMP. I mentioned how I feel that the break up and Luc then going on to question his identity and coming back from the woods “changed,” may go over some people’s heads. Elena then suggested that I make a visual reference to change my having the texting scene mention the word change. I will now make sure to include this in the script and have this in the edit. Due to the fact that it make more of a direct nod at theme, rather than it all being discreet.


Most of today was spent editing my FMP. I have since finished with the first main biking at the first half and have done some of the woods footage. I feel that so far that the film is coming together nicely and that the biking scene looks really good and has paid off nicely.

Here is a rough cut of the some of the footage so far, I am not very far and have not done any after effects or colour correction yet. I am trying to do a cut of what I want and then go back and do the colour correction and effects after.

A short self evaluation

I feel that so far my short film is coming along nicely, having good cinematography and having a story being told through visual medium. For things to improve I feel that I should spend some time in the later stages on colour correction, as I feel that it will make some of the scenes have better lighting and some improvement on continuity.

I feel that with the editing that there could be some improvement on the pace, having the biking scene go on for longer as this is more visually interesting. And then maybe cut down some of the smoking scene, as this is a bit too long and maybe bore people for the 6min duration of the music video.

For the bedroom scene I feel that I could have used maybe some different shots, as the ones I have used because some of them seem to be really dark in places and don’t really show their faces. I will later add the scenes with the girlfriend as this will get me a better understanding of the flow of the short film and have me be able to evaluate more heavily.

Apart from the Biking I also really liked the opening titles, of the song and frank ocean’s name. I feel it work great with a small sample of the music and having the titles appear over a out of focus bike wheel. Showing the audience what’s to come. Favourite part though is how I have made the font look very close to the font of nostalgia ultra, Frank Ocean’s first mixtape.


I feel that this is a good reference to Frank Ocean’s other work and I like the fact that you have to find out the reference, similarly to the nod of Frank Ocean’s Chanel song with the sign Luc is holding.


However there is one problem I have came across. That of the transition from the title sequence to the scene of Luc shaving. So far I feel that it is okay but is quite abrupt and a bit distracting. I might have the starting sequence fade to black and fade out the music and then have it come back with the light turning on from black.

The next thing I will do is to edit the messaging scene to make sure I don’t need to reshoot that with Luc, as this is the scene I am most wary of. I will also check with people, focus group, if I need to reshoot any of the bike scenes, because I will probably have to give bicycle back soon.

Changing actress, for the girlfriend

I have also decided to do a small rewrite of the story and change actress. I was going to have a friend of Luc’s pretend to be his girlfriend. By having him film themselves with a camera. As if it is home video. However I feel that this wouldn’t go as planned and will mostly likely be awkward as they are both not really actors, and Luc is not really good at displaying happiness when asked. This was great for the main role of the film as I wanted to someone feel emotionless rather than be trying to cry and act upset. As I feel it will just come off chessy with an non-actor doing it.

So instead I am going to ask one of the girls from my college to do a quick filming session at the back of college for 10 minutes. I will try and get the feel of the Nikes Frank Ocean video, of having the person stare into the camera with the VHS footage effects playing over top.


I will now have to make sure when cutting it is obvious that the actress is the girlfriend, because the two actors won’t be in the same frame. Tomorrow I will be recruiting actors and asking people if they would be up for doing it. I feel that this would also be good as it pays direct reference to Frank Ocean’s Nikes music video. I also feel that this would be a more creative way of showing the Girlfriend rather than just having home footage. As this seems quite cliche and too obvious to do.

I am glad that I have made this decision as I feel that it will work a lot better with the film I am trying to make. I feel that the reference to Frank Ocean is important as I am doing a music video for one of his songs.


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