Video effects techniques I will be using

In the this blog I will be talking about all of the videos I will be looking at to help to make the different editing techniques in post production. I will talking about each why I have chosen and where I might want to place the effect. With also saying what videos are and better than others.

The first video I will be talking about is the VHS effect that I will be using. This video shows how to make a realistic VHS effect from HD footage. This video is very informative and has alot of detailed steps, while still being easy to follow. I have since experimented with this technique by using a random clip online, making sure that the video is good and accurate. I can confirm that it is, and is an effect I can make very easily. I will be using this effect for the flashback girlfriend scene of the video, where Luc looks back on the relationship. I will be trying to copy the VHS shots from the nikes music video, by Frank Ocean.


This is a cool video that I fell upon in the recommended tab. This video talks about a few cool music video effects which are easy to make. I have had a look at a few and I feel that I may be able to place I few of these into my music video. Namely the film reel over the footage effect. I feel that this would be cool to add to the “I see both sides like Chanel,” scene where Luc holds up the cards. As it displays that it is going on in his head.

This is a video I will be looking at later down line with editing, to make sure that I can’t add anything else. This video is also by the same creator as the last one. With still being informative and very helpful.

The next video is for to make the text effect in after effects. I will be using this effect for the break up scene in my short film, having it to the side of Luc. This video is helpful however he is quite annoying and skips over a few of the things that help someone who is unsimilar to after effects.

I will still be looking at this one but I will make sure to not include the speech bubble around text as I feel it is too cliche and too obvious to use, much preferring to use normal text as seen in Sherlock. So far I feel that video is the weakest and probably the most likely one I will be ignoring when editing the effects over the clips.

Image result for sherlock texting effect

This is similar to the VHS effect, due to the fact that it has a 4:3 ratio. However this is a more of a old film reel like, trying to copy the 8mm style. I was hoping to use this for Luc’s scene where he questions his identity. I feel that this would be good as the exposure difference with the effect would good well with the pink hoodie that look is wearing in the scene.

The difference between the 8mm film look and the VHS is that it more over exposed compared to the VHS which is more turned down. I might also use this effect for the flashback girlfriend scene as well. This video is also great with showing the tips in a quick but a easy way to follow. The 8mm film look effect will also skip some of the frames as well, giving it that more jumpy feel which I was aiming to get for the scene.


This is another video that I found in my recommended feed. This video is a breakdown of a music video and how to recreate some of the effects in post production. I really like this video as I really like the song and the music video that goes with it. So this was interesting to see some of the techniques they might of used.

This video goes in depth with the effects that the music video uses, explaining how to do most of them with also what camera equipment to use. I might try find a to include some of these effects in my video. Due to the fact that I feel they are really creative. I will be looking at this video more closely when everything else has been ticked off the list for the editing effects I definitely want to include.

This is the a video describing how to use the drawing pen tool in after effects. This is a very well made video showing how to use after effects to someone who is new to the program. Whilst also showing some context on how you could use it. He also shows some footage that he has made, showing you how it has turned out.

This video will help me make an outline around Luc when he is smoking towards the end of the short film. I will be using the effect pretty much the same way this person is the using the effect in the video. This is why I feel the video is good because it will help me directly with my problem.

This is the last video I will be talking about in this blog post. In this video, someone describes what’s the best way to set up the camera whilst also showing three ways of editing in post the video to make the time lapse. The way I am most likely going to do it is by filming a whole of bunch of film and then speeding it up in post. This is because I feel that it will be the easiest way and also take less space up on my camera. I may even edit the footage in post so that it just has one frame for every second, however this may take alot longer so I am going to see if I have enough time.

I will be using the timelapse for when Luc goes to sleep to show the passing of time, I will do from two angles. One of the Sun setting and the other of the Sun rising. This will display to the audience through a visual way that time has passed. I want to do this because film is a visual media and that is the main of my project.

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