10/05/17 – Texting after effects, Finding the actress

After effects

Today I have spent mostly trying to get my head around after effects to have the text conversation, where the girlfriend breaks up with Luc. Trying to make the texting more simplistic and not having a text bubble around the text. This is because of two reasons, one of which is trying to get the texting to seem similar to Sherlock. The other is that I don’t it to be too cheesy or cliche, by having blue and white bubbles. As a lot of films and TV shows have already done this.

Image result for sherlock texting effect

I feel that the effect has worked quite well, making the film start to really come to together. I feel that my effect has worked well, with the messaging moving up all together as one. You can also tell that the other person is typing with the “…” I thought that this was a good effect making the audience pay attention to the texting side, rather than look at Luc. I also then had a typing effect of the word “what,” so that the letters come up with Luc’s key presses. I thought this worked really well and had great timing with it not being too fast or too slow.


The one thing I feel that I may need to improve one, is that of making it obvious at first that it is texting. This may work when I am add the sound however I feel that I may need think of a way to make sure that the audience knows straight away that it is texting. I also included the word “change,” into the texting dialogue as well, as Elena pointed out yesterday. I will now try and make a complete rough cut of the footage so far without any colour correction so I can just get a basic flow of the short film.

Found a new actress

Today I also casted my new actress, I talk about why I chose this person in this blog post:


I feel that this good that I did this today as I will be prepared when I start filming the short scene next week. It will also allow me to have enough time to edit the new footage and make sure that I don’t need to do any reshoots for this scene. And if I do I am leaving myself enough time to reshoot and re edit the footage.

Displaying wp_20170510_11_13_03_pro.jpg

Harvard referencing:

Every frame a painting. (2014). A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film. [Online Video]. 15 August 2014. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFfq2zblGXw. [Accessed: 1 May 2017].



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