11/05/17 – Filming a timelapse (day 2 production)

Today I have been trying to film the timelapse for when the sun goes down. This will be of two halfs to show the passing of time. The other being the sun coming back again. I tried to film some of the sun at two different times. This blog will be talking about it and reflecting upon it.

The first attempt at 18-18:30

My first attempt was at 18:00-18:30. I placed the camera facing the sun, at the top of the farmers field. Looking down across the field and at the sun above the trees. I set the camera up on a tripod making sure that it steady and secure. So when filming for the half hour it won’t move position. Due to the fact that I only have a DSLR I am only able to record for 30 minutes at a time. So the time lapse won’t be too long. I also bought a garden chair with me so I won’t have to sit on the ground for ages, with also some water incase I get hungry.

In reflection I should have had took my other camera so I can get two timelapses at one time but from two different angles, next time I did this but it is something to take in consideration. I would also make sure to film a bit later on, when its magic hour so I get much clearer shots without it having high contrast.

This is also the angle I was filming for half and hour, this was taken with the camera on my phone:


The second attempt 19:40-20:00

For my second attempt I took what I learnt from the first attempt. I made sure to have two cameras, whilst also being closer to 20:00. To get the full effect of the sun going down. For the DSLR I turned down the settings, making it more dark. One so that the sun and the clouds are more clear against the black back drop. And two it looks more like it is almost night time and the last part of sunlight is just over the trees. Making the point the clear in the film that it has turned to night to day again.

However this shoot didn’t go as well due to the fact that 20 minutes in it started to pour down with rain. This meant that I had to pack everything before it got soaking wet. Due to it being absolutely soaking and unfilmable. I will have a look at the footage but I may have to do it again due to the fact that I didn’t get as much as I wanted.

This is what I was filming, from phone camera:




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