13/05/17 – Trying edit time lapse, filming more footage

Trying to edit
Today I tried to edit down the footage from yesterday to make into a time-lapse, seeing if it would work. However due to the fact that my laptop isn’t as good as the macs at college this was quite hard to do. I still managed to export the file having the footage sped up but couldn’t really edit the footage how i wanted it.

I have had a look at the exported footage and some of it looks good. My favourite would be the dark one due to the fact that it looks like day going into night. However I feel like all of them may need speeding up as it lasts for a bit too long and cant really get the full effect of time going past quickly. On Monday when I get back to college I am going to experiment with the time-lapse.

More filming
Displaying WP_20170513_19_10_05_Pro.jpgDisplaying WP_20170513_19_10_09_Pro.jpg

I spent the rest of today filming in the same location as last. Where the rain poured down.  Because one it’s much more sunny and two I want to make sure that I get as much footage as possible so I don’t have to reshoot the time-lapse. Getting it over and done with because its so time consuming. I will be looking at this footage tomorrow, but I feel its going to one of the best as it wasn’t raining and I didn’t have to cut it short.

All together I did three takes of the time-lapse from different angles. One of which being the sun setting just over the trees. This was another attempt at the light fading away time-lapse I did previously. This is just to make sure I have footage incase the first doesn’t look as good or last as long. Doesn’t quite fit with the music.

Plan of action on what to do next

On Sunday I am going to spend the day editing the fmp, making a rough cut with the footage so far. So then I can just place in the other footage of Sara and the time-lapse. I will also be getting up at around 5am to film the sun rising. I will probably only get one shot at this on Sunday. So I will have to make it count.

On Monday i will be location scouting around college and also making a quick storyboard for the shots I need. So i get fully prepared for filming with sara on tuesday and monday. I will then also make sure to have a proper look at the time-lapse seeing it looks good and makes sense with the song and story.


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