15/05/17 – Location scouting and storyboard for new scene

Today was mainly preparing for the film shoot tomorrow with Sara. This meant doing some location scouting for where I will do the shooting. This is at the winter garden in east surrey college. However with reflection I feel that I may change the location to something just outside the college, as its pretty controlling with when to film due to it being busy.

I then did a storyboard for the scene. I wanted to quickly stretch any shots I had in mind. For when it gets to the shoot I know exactly what to do and won’t be thinking about how to shoot the scene.

I wanted to make this storyboard so I can have a understanding of what I will be shooting, as I had to change the idea. Having the storyboard means that I can now make the shoot a lot easier and also have the shooting go a lot quicker. And not wasting so much time on figuring out what to shoot.

I then spent the rest of the day editing, I have then made a rough cut of what will happen in my film, without the scenes with Sara. However without the Sara scene I am unable to see how long the film is. So I haven’t been able to cut and edit to the rhythm of the song. I will need to edit in the scenes quickly so I can start cutting to the beat of the song, so the visuals have a better flow with the music. And have a proper rough cut of the footage.

I have also seen the time-lapse footage and edited it with the music video. Now seeing it with the film I feel it looks too jarring so I might have to film more of the plants around the woods so it doesn’t just immediately cut to the sun setting. I might add even a fade in between the cuts, so it transitions alot better.


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