16/05/17 – Last part of filming, changing actors

Today I filmed the last scene that needed filming for me to continuing editing. I had to change actors on the day though. Due to the first actor pulling out and without warning. This has taught me to always have a back up on standby incase a actor can’t make the shoot. Whilst also having only people that I trust to be in my films and that are reliable. This was helpful as it will teach me a lesson about choosing actors in the future. Making sure that I avoid this problem in the real world.

This meant that I had to get another actress, Sam was happy to help with the project. The filming went well managing to get different shots in a short time frame at the end of the day. However I may need to reshoot some shoots as I may just not have enough. As I don’t have lots of takes. Overall I feel that today was a successful due to the fact that I got my last part of filming done and I also made a rough cut that people can watch.

Tomorrow I will be making a full length rough cut and having lots of focus groups to give feedback incase I need to reshoot or need to change anything in editing. This means I can get ready for after effects and colour correction next week. With all the different 8mm film and VHS effects on certain scenes.

In reflection I feel that I improvised well with the situation, managing to get a different actress ready for the shooting of the film. In future I will make sure to get a actress that is reliable and that I know personally, so I know if I can trust them and not letting me down. I will also make sure to have someone as a backup incase something goes wrong or they can’t make it. So I can still continue to film on that day.


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