Filming flashback scene (day 4 of production)

Today I filmed the final scene of my FMP, that being the flashback scene with the girlfriend. I had to change actors on the day which I have already talked about in the other post earlier today. The shoot actually went really well, managing to film everything I wanted within a short time frame. I filmed in the summer garden as planned with no real distractions or anything getting in the way.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 09.15.20.png

I filmed a few different shots, I did some extreme closeups on just her eyes. I also did some normal close ups, with some wide angles of her leaning on the brick. I made sure to also try an add some movement and variety with having Sam walk away from the camera.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 09.15.39.png

After looking at the footage I feel that I have just enough, and I am scared that I haven’t got enough takes incase one of them goes wrong with in editing. This may mean I have to reshoot some of the shots. This wouldn’t be big of a deal due to the fact that its only at college with one other person and no props needed.

With reflection I feel that I should have a look at the footage more on set to make sure that I have got plenty of footage for editing. It meant also help having someone help me film to keep track of the storyboard making sure that I get every shot needed. Filming it today means I can now get cracked on with editing and making the film cut to the beat of the song and fit the music.


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