18/05/17 – Editing and experimenting with super 8 film look

After looking over what the focus group gave me as their advice. I have since started to edit my footage again to see what I can change after hearing what they have to say. I have been trying out what advice they gave about the editing, whilst also trying to experiment with the super 8 film look with the footage of Sam. I will be going what I have changed after listening to them. There is a link to my new rough cut below.

New rough cut

I have done a lot of changes to the main structure and pace of the music video. I have taken the general advice from pretty much everyone and shorted the smoking scene down. I have done this by taking some shots of him rolling up the cigarette, but still keeping in the correct timeframe I have replaced that with more of the biking at the start. I feel that this works a lot better as the biking is a lot more enjoyable to watch as a viewer and less able to get bored. I feel that this change works great for the finished product and will keep this in the final part.

I also removed the unpacking of Luc’s sleeping bag shot. Feeling that this wasn’t a great shot and felt unnecessary. So instead I replaced it with another timelapse, this also shows that Luc might have been walking for a long time before sitting down. It is also more impressive than a tripod shot of someone unpacking a bag. I then later added more shots of Luc at the beginning, I feel that this works much better. As it doesn’t just go straight to Sam after the text is received. In reflection I will make sure to get people to actually look over the storyboards and have a focus group more on pre production.

Overall I feel that I have a made a much stronger piece after listening to the advice of other people from the focus group. I feel that the structure and the pace the video goes really well with the music. In reflection I feel that this was the right decision to make a rough cut and have people watch it. As it gave me new fresh ideas to work with.

I feel that I should make the super 8 effect more stronger as you can still tell that it is Hd footage. I feel that maybe adding a pink tint to it will make it so it is more like the Nikes music video that I was inspired by. It will also make much more dream like and have that feeling that he is looking back on the relationship.

I feel that I should look at more of the Luc shots for the bedroom scene, having more of his close up before it goes on to Sam. As I feel that there needs to be a bit longer on Luc’s face as the audience is connecting with him in that moment. I will try and find more clips of his close up and place them in before Sam is introduced. I feel that this will make the film better paced.

I really like the extended bike scene that I placed into the music video, having it go on for longer than previously. I feel that this improves the pacing a lot and makes the film much better for it. It makes it so I can remove some of the smoking shots without the overall time of the film be effected as I am just replacing it with more biking shots.

This makes it so I am the viewer is not drawn out of the film and doesn’t get bored before it ends. The pacing is very important to get right for my film due to it being so long there is a lot of risk that the viewer will get bored and disinterested in the film. So I have to make sure that with focus groups I ask about the pacing if there are scenes that go on for too long.

Super 8 film effect

After experimenting with super 8 effect I feel that it works a lot better with it in. Because of the fact that it creates a much wider contrast between the story and the flashback/dream like footage. It also looks a lot better due to the fact that some of the footage was blurry and this effect hides that better.

The reason I wanted to place this effect in was to show the audience that it is some sort of dream like place, or the footage is fully in reality. This makes it a lot better and makes sense as every time this footage appears its after a close up of Luc thinking. In reflection however I feel I should of tried to get the footage over exposed, so that it is more similar to the footage from the Nikes music video. This would have also helped trying to get the footage to seem dream like.


Harvard referencing:

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