21/05/17 – where to place the “pink hoodie,” scene

Over the course of the weekend I have been thinking where to place the scene containing Luc wearing a pink hoodie. The scene is meant to represent his questioning of his own identity, and trying to have a visual metaphor.


However I have been unable to place this scene in the rough cut I did a couple of days ago. This was due to the fact that there isn’t enough space in the edit in at the moment and also I don’t have a suitable place to put without it feeling forced. The reason why I would like this scene in my short film is because I feel that it will add an interesting element of change into the story. With the fact that I am adding a level of layered imagery into my work. Which I was inspired to do from the nikes music video.

However I have came across a problem where I don’t know where to place it without it feeling forced or out of place. Because I feel that I have a great structure at the moment and don’t want to add anything to it. I was originally going to place it with the smoking scene, but I have also placed the flashback scene in their now so I feel that it look too crowded in that one scene. I have also pretty much as well as good structure got perfect timing for the music video and have everything where I want it to be.

I will be thinking about either taking this scene out or trying find a place to edit it in for a short space of time. I will be talking to people on Monday about it, having another small focus group to try and discuss where to place the scene. This would be give an outsider’s perspective, which proved to be very helpful last time.

In retrospective, I feel that I should have thought about the storyboard more deeply and had a more detailed look at the plan to make sure I had space to fit everything in. I will be trying to make a decision on Monday on what to do with the scene. Either remove and not have it in or try and place it in without it feeling forced.



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