22/05/17 – Started colour correction

Today I started the colour correction of the edit of my final major project. I wanted to let Elena watch my film first to see if she spotted anything that was major to colour correct. She mentioned how the first biking scene was the one where the light changed the most, so this is where I started.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 14.34.24

I started with the biking scene first because, as spotted by Elena, this was probably the most glaring one of the scenes. I started by changing the white balance so that it wasn’t a tint of orange, making sure that they were all tinted white. I then played around with the colour curves to try and make shot darker. As the shots where the sun is in don’t match with the shots when the sun is out. With it being much brighter and having a different colour tint. I felt that I made quite a difference. I have managed to make them all the same tint colour so that the cut between different takes isn’t as jarring.

However the light isn’t as good as it could be, due to it being slightly different between cuts and shots. However I am worried that I won’t be able to fix this problem, because it’s due to the shadows in the frame when the sun is out in some of the shots. There is no real way I can fix this in post so I am going to try and get it the best I can with the colour correction. In the future I am going to make sure that I have enough takes or make sure to film all when the sun is in or all when the sun is out, making easier to keep continuity in the shots.

This was the main correction I had to do but I looked at other scenes that may need doing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 14.34.59

The next scene I experimented with was the bedroom scene. Trying to turn up the brightness so that you could see Luc’s face more when he stands up and also see what he is ripping off the wall. I again used the colour curves but this time using it the other way. I wanted to lighten this scene up as it looks too dark in some of the close ups, and so you can actually see the poster as well. This is probably the best colour correction result so far and from the scene that needed it the most in my opinion. As you can see Luc face a lot more and the poster is fully visually. With their also not being any overexposure, with also gelling well with the rest of the shots. Keeping continuity. Next time I will make sure to have proper lighting and film with the character’s face looking towards the light, as this would obviously light his face more and won’t be in the shadow. This will probably save me having to do reshoots as well.

I then did I few touching ups on some of the woods shots. I didn’t do too much as I really like the lush green and don’t think it really needs changing all too much from the raw footage. I corrected the walking shot in and the Luc’s medium shot with him smoking. Making sure that it was a little darker and wasn’t as high contrast between his jumper and the dark forest green.

Overall I don’t think I really need to spend that much time on colour correction, as my film already looks pretty cinematic and I don’t want to go overboard with the colour correction as it could turn out worse. I will make sure to experiment more with the editing, making sure that I can’t make it better. This compares differently to my previous project where I had to colour correct a lot due to the colour tint between being different, affecting the continuity of the project.

Tomorrow I will have another focus group, this time with different people who haven’t seen the film before and with a set of direct questions I would like them to answer. And then according of their feedback I would go from there. In reflection of today I feel that I started colour correction well but I need to start moving with more urgency again if I want to reshoot. Due to it being the last chance of reshoots this Sunday. With the fact that I want to add a lot more to wordpress whilst double checking everything.




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