24/05/17 – Credits, typo messaging and the casting list

Today was mainly going back and finishing bits and pieces off that weren’t yet complete. This was mainly the reflection from yesterday that I didn’t have time to finish properly.

I then later moved on the casting list, managing to get that from wordpress to print out in paper, this so I can have it in my pre production folder along with my other pre production notes for the music video.

I then moved on to a few things I needed to change in editing, I then went into after effects making sure that there was correct spelling on the effect and changing the “anyone,” to “anymore.” I then exported it back into premiere making it the correct spelling in the edit.

After changing the effect, I then moved onto the end credits sequence. I copied over the bike shot from the beginning, placing it at the end again. I then used the same font style keeping with the beginning. Trying to get it all the same style, and wanting to have it match the end. I placed the cast first and I have the music by Frank Ocean following. With the final credit coming to me saying “written and directed by Seb Griffin-Keane.” However I will need to go back because I have spelt Sam’s surname wrong with one letter.


I really like how the titles matches the credits, having a continuous theme and flow to it in the music video. I wanted to pay homage to Frank Ocean’s titling in his artwork for his debut solo mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA. I also think that I spent a lot of time on the titles and credits as I feel that they are a very important part of the film, and they should reflect what the film is trying to say. Hopefully some people will get the reference, but if not hopefully they will just like how it looks on its own.


In reflection I notice a common theme among by text writing on screen. That I commonly spell things wrong. From I will now read the text several times out loud and have also look over to make sure that I have no spelling mistakes. I will make sure to do this as this is really amature.

I will now always get four or five people to each check the spelling of each one of my titles and credits, just before I export. Because going back and changing it wastes time, which I could be spending adding more onto my wordpress or video.

I will now finish colour correcting tomorrow and make sure to place the white flash of the film reel in there. After that I will watch the video several times over the weekend making sure that it exactly what I want for my music video. When it is done I will then export the finish film and submit to the ezone.


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