Things I will be taking out of the finished video

I have already talked about my concern with using the pink hoodie and how I feel that I won’t be able to get it in there, without making seem forced. So I have decided to forget the idea and not include. Feeling that my film is fine as it is and will just look odd with the shots of Luc in a pink hoodie. So will now no longer place the footage of that in there. I felt that I have made the right decision as I have a great film at the moment and don’t to over do it and ruin the film with something that might not work.


Another thing I was thinking about in pre production of doing was the after effect drawings around Luc’s face and cigarette.

After finishing a rough cut I don’t think that adding this sort of effect will suit the style. Due to the fact that the song is very slow moving and doesn’t have a lot of action in the music video, the after effects will contrast against this and probably make the film quite jarring as a result. As this effect is better suited to rap videos with a faster and more aggressive beat in the music and vocals.

Added on this it would have been very time consuming as well. So I am glad that I won’t be doing it in the final cut.

However I am glad that I thought about this before putting it in due to the fact that the tone will be messed by having this crammed in the final edit. To improve this in the future, not having to cut stuff out, I should have a look at all the scenes to make sure that they all fit the same tone and are all in the same style before I go ahead and shoot. As having the right tone for your project is very important and I should focus on this more in the pre production phase.


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