25/05/17 – Playing around with the colour correction, white flash

Today I have been playing with the colour correction shots for the overall music video. Making sure that all the shots are looked how I want them to. I first went over the normal shots of Luc making sure it wasn’t as bright and quite as harsh lighting. Having it more cinematic, in reflection I feel that I won’t shoot at 12pm-3pm as the lighting is really harsh at these times and its difficult to not make the sky completely white.

Colouring correcting the super 8 film effect

I went back over the super 8 film effect, trying to make it more stronger and less able to see that its HD footage. I did by playing around with the curve effects and also experimenting with the colour wheels.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.21.51

After changing a few of the effects trying to make it more super 8 effect and less HD footage, this is the end result. (before, after)

Its very hard to see here, but I have made the colour wheels more pink so that the shadows and highlights have a more of a tinter pink to them. Trying to copy the Nikes music video intro. In reflection I feel that this works for the shot where is she is walking away but no so much for the close up, so I might go back and make the effect weaker or remove it all together.

I feel that I should keep comparing the changes I make side by side so I can see which one I prefer. This would help me to make changes in the colour correction and post side of the project. Making sure that the shot isn’t too pink or anything. However I feel that the shot walking away looks really good now.

Having that really colourful film vibe to the shot. Making the colours pop out a lot more than they should do. Having that overexposed feel. However it would be better if I actually shot the footage with the camera being overexposed. As I feel that this looks quite good in the Frank Ocean nikes music video.


The white flash

Speaking of the walking away shot, I have also placed a white flash in between the jump cut of the shot of Sam walking away. To try and show a reel film change. The effect looked good but not great and not how I imagined it. Not really having that same effect of the film reel. So after experimenting with the keyframes and the opacity I decided to try add some scratches to the white in after effects.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.20.10

After adding marks to every frame in after effects, I looked back at the footage to only realise that it looks a lot worse and ruins the whole effect. I decided then if I wanted the full effect of the scratches done properly it was going to take a lot longer than I had and it wouldn’t be worth it. So I am going to see if people like the white flash, if they do I will keep it. But however I am favouring removing it as it just doesn’t look right and not how I want it. However I still have a focus group over this small transition.

In reflection I feel that I underestimated how long this effect was going to take me if I was going to do it properly. With consideration I feel that I should do research in the planning stages of the project for each effect I will be using. Seeing how long they will take each thing to create. Rather than waiting till post to find out how to make the effect. I feel that this would create a greater plan foundation, allowing me to know in advance what will take too long in post.

Meaning I can take stuff out in the pre production phase, rather than waiting to post production to find out that I can’t do a certain effect. I will be making sure that I do this in the future.

Over the weekend I am going to looking over my wordpress, making sure that it fully completed and there is nothing missing. With tuesday being the day I have the final focus group, and I will also test the audio on the classroom speakers, making sure that it is properly leveled and nothing is out of place. If this is both in order I will export my final cut and have it submitted. I am aiming to have the final cut exported by Wednesday next week, 31st of May.


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