Skills that have improved

In this blog post I will be talking about the skills that I have challenged in this project, I will be looking at each section of the making of the film: pre, production and post. What I have done in each stage to put me out of my comfort zone.

Pre Production

For pre production I challenged myself by having to look at research about music videos. This was because I am doing a music video for my final major. This was different from other tasks where I would look at other films as inspiration rather than music videos. I also had to plan out a story I could tell without any speaking, due to the fact that it is a music video.


For production I challenged myself by only having a few filming equipment at my disposal. That being a camera and two tripods. So I had to make the best out of it. With the fact that I didn’t have a big crew either and it was just me filming the scenes. I think that this has shown that I am able to work under pressure as well as making a quality product with relatively cheap equipment. I showed that I can also adapt to the situation, for example filming out of the boot of the car to keep up with the bike shots in the county lines. Rather than ordering experience equipment to keep the shot straight and not shaking.

This showed that I was able to improvise in this situation to still get what I want, but to much more cost effective technique.

Post production

I feel that I have tested myself by having super 8 film effect in my music video, having to adjust the colour wheel and making the colour curves different from the original. I also had to edit to the beat of the song. I have not had to do this before due to the fact that this was the first time that I made a music video. So this was a new rewarding experience to me.


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