26, 27, 28, 29/05/17 – Finishing up missing pieces in the blog

Over the long weekend I spent days going through my blog and finishing up a few posts that need touching up here and there. I went back through my context category made sure that I had everything ticked, making sure that I had enough context. I then later added more to posts that were about problem solving or having to change something in the idea. For example the changing of the actress and the changing of the song. As I felt that these were major changes and needed to be reflection on and explained properly.

harvard refercning screenshot

I later then went back over my blog, making sure that I had proper harvard reference for everything I used. This took a while going in each blog post and checking everything was referenced but is worth, as I don’t want to lose a good grade for that one slip up. In reflection I feel that I should do this as I am making the blog posts, as this would be a lot easier and make the ending stretch a lot less stressful. There is an example of me using my harvard referencing above. I would harvard everything that I used that wasn’t mine, this is from looking at different websites for information, images used to display what I meant and video clips that I would be using in one way or another. I would use a harvard generator I found online, making the whole the same and much quicker and easier.

The link I used is below:


I am now going to finish my film tomorrow and hopefully export it ready for the submission next week on Wednesday. After exporting I will spend the following week and a half to check over my wordpress again, and to do a final Evaluation.

In reflection  I feel that I should do this as I was going on with my blog, not having to do loads at the end of the FMP. Next time I will make sure to always reference the sources at the end of the blog before I post. This will save time and make sure I can look over my coursework at the end of the deadline.


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