30/05/17 – More editing, playing the sound through speakers

Today I have made a new rough cut, this cut is practically the finished version of the short film but I might have one or two changes left to do. Here is the link to my new rough cut:

Things that I changed for this edit I was experimenting with the colour correction of the biking scene where Luc is biking up hill. I managed to get the colour all the same for that set of shots, looking like they were taken at the same time. However then some of the shots looked really washed out compared to the rest of the film, looking more shades of grey then shades of colour. So I then decided to add more colour to the shots and lighten it up more. This makes it look worse continuity wise however I feel that it doesn’t matter because it no longer looks washed out.

I then played the beginning of the film on the big screen using the speakers in the classroom, this was to make sure that the audio was probably leveled with everything else. I found out that the shaving shots were a bit too quiet, not being able to hear the shave of the neck or chin. I also found that the poster rip wasn’t as loud as I wanted it to be. Not taking over the music for a brief period. Tomorrow I will try and test the audio out again on the speakers to see if my changes have made a improvement. In reflection I should have done this before as I would know if I needed to re-record any audio for the music video.

whtie flash

The white flash transition I have placed in, something that I am unsure about if it totally works, as it may just look better having a jump cut. I will ask around properly tomorrow, or switch around a few of the clips. So I can still have a the extract times but maybe in a slightly different order. For example having the clip of Luc in between the jump cut. To break up the “awkward,” transition.


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