31/05/17 – Final cut finally complete

Today I exported my final cut for the FMP. I didn’t do too many changes from yesterday. Having to only change the amount of camera noise on some of the Sam clips, due to the fact that I lowered them and I don’t think they worked as well as they could of. With not being grainy enough or being too much like HD footage. So after rising them back up I then later cut out the white flash between the two shots of Sam.

I tried to experiment by putting it in different positions and rearranging the clips. However I just went back to the jump cut before hand. With people saying that they prefer the jump cut to the white flash anyway. I don’t feel that this was a waste of time because I feel that it is important to experiment and try out to make sure that something doesn’t work better.

The film I will be submitting for the final cut is linked above, this is the final cut and from this point on I will not be changing anything about the finished film. In reflection I am quite proud of how I managed to finish the final cut a week before the deadline is due. Proving that I can make a good film under time pressures and with being prout as well. Over the next two weeks I will be evaluating the final cut, with adding more to blog posts that might be missing. I am quite relaxed now but it’s important to fall behind in the closing week and an half, due to the fact that the final evaluation is very important. I will also have to get my actor to sign his form, saying that they are happy to be in the film. So then I can place that into the pre production folder, enabling me to hand that in next week.


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