The skills I have learnt from doing the FMP

In this blog I will briefly be talking about skills I have developed over the course of the FMP, separating it into sections for the pre, production and post production. I will be talking about how I got better at this skills, and what I did to improve them. I will also talk more in depth about this in the Evaluation.

Pre Production

For the pre production I feel that the number one skill I learnt was problem solving. Managing to change my idea mid planning and come up with a new idea that will fit the project brief. I felt that this experience will prepare me for when I go on into the film industry where I would have to keep changing things to do with film. Due to problems out of my control. Such as budget costs or time pressures.

I feel that this would also help with when I do a second FMP. For example if anything happens where I have to change my idea, I will be able to change my idea quickly to adapt to the situation.


For production I feel that I have learnt new skills such as filming in different frame rates and managing to get to grips with the collating shutter speeds. I had to change the shutter speed to 100 when filming due to the fact that I shooting in 50 fps, this was because I wanted most of the footage to be in slow motion. This will mean if I wanted to film slow motion again I will know what to do, and I won’t have to research it. This also means if I am improvising when filming, I can film something in slow mo on the off hand. Not restricting myself as much when filming.

I also got generally better at working a DSLR. Managing the exposure carefully, making sure that the iso isn’t too high. This means that when I go to filming I can be more efficient at when getting a shot prepared, with it being in different locations with different scenes.

With reflection I feel that this project has given me great practice with how to work a DSLR. Being able to be independent with filming shots and not having to rely on people to help set up the shot, or making sure that I have got the right settings. This will help with future projects, being able to do the job more efficiently and under smaller time periods and bigger pressures. Enabling it to feel more natural when filming.

Post Production

I feel that out of the three post production is the section where I have improved the most in my practical skills. Having to research new effects and also doing colour correction to my work to improve the look and feel.

I have learnt new ways of creating an retro super 8 film, over a HD clip. This will mean in the future I can experiment with this technique more and use it more in my films in the future. I have also got to grips with after effects for the first time, this being the first time I used after effects in a short film. This means that when I use to again I can be more efficient and use to greater effect.

In reflection I feel that experimenting with these effects means that I can now be more confident in trying out new things in the future. Being more efficient and wanting to try more in after effects. Trying to make my films better by trying out new things in after effects that I previously wouldn’t if it weren’t for my FMP.

Next time however I have learnt that I should maybe leave more time, maybe a whole week, for after effects. As its quite time consuming and in order to make it look really good you must spend a fair amount of time on it. Added to this I should also research how long it will actually take to perform the task in the pre production stage. As this would give me a more accurate calendar of what will happen during completing my final major project.


Overall I feel that this project has made me much more constant in my working, having a much more efficient work ethic towards film making. I feel that my pre production has came along well, giving me practise in how to problem solve when a situation arises. Having to change my idea due to budget or time consecrates. For production I feel overall skill that has developed was being more flexible when coming to filming different locations and different frame rates. Finally for post production; having the skills to experiment more and being more adaptable when wanting to add new stuff into the edit.


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