05/06/17 – Finishing up some things….

Today was mainly finishing things that indeed to be sorted, before I moved on to the final Evaluation of my short film. I started by making sure that I had a spare image release form incase Luc has lost it when being told to sign it. I then made sure that my pre production folder was neat before handing it in to be marked. I will then collect my final image release form from Luc later today, then placing this with the rest of my work in my pre production folder.

I then went back over my proposal with Sara, one of the teaching assistants in the college, making sure that there wasn’t any grammar or spelling errors. After taking a lesson to go back over my work I later updated my folder and uploaded it again on the VLE. Making sure that Elena has the best version, with the better phrasing and wording.

I then made a blog post about skills that have developed over the course of the project. I feel that this would be a good opening to the evaluation I am about to do on the final cut. I looked at what I did and how I improved in my technical skills. While also stating how this will help me with future projects. With reflection I feel that this was a good idea, as it showed what I thought I improved on during the course. With also how this would help me.

Overall I thought today was good, as I managed to get all the little parts sorted out before finally moving onto the final evaluation. Tomorrow I will finally start my evaluation of the final cut. I might also do evaluation for each one of the categories.


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